Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fifty down....Fifty more to go!!!

Holy Moses!!! There is just 64hours until we leave the UK for CHA Summer!! Sorry, we have been awol from the blog for a little, however we have been busy, busy, busy! Infact, already this morning, I have printed, labelled and packaged 50 CD's (50 more to go!!!) for the press to take away with product info, photos, press releases and more.....(so be sure to grab one if you are a member of press visiting CHA - if only for the pretty looking cd we've made!!!!)

Now, we promised sneak peeks, didn't we?? So hows about some more?

Ohh, one last thing before we go and finish off those other 50 cd's - check out our website www.creative-boutique.co.uk over the next few days as I believe there will be a Freebie up for grabs very soon!!!! And trust me, it is sooooo pretty, that I've already bagged my copy ;)

Friday, 2 July 2010

The countdown has begun!!!

WOW! Things are certainly happening around here!!! Take a look at our NEW website http://www.creative-boutique.co.uk/ :) Okay, so it's not quite 100% ready and needs a little tweaking (just another couple of days!!!), however I just couldn't resist letting you in on the secret. Take a look carefully on the front page and you will notice we have put on a teeny weeny snapshot of a slide show showing you just FOUR sides of our beautiful papers - aren't they just fabulous!?! And don't worry, we have plenty more (another 20 sides infact!!!) and lots of lovely projects on their way to you!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The month of CHA!!!

Wow!!! Look at the date everyone! Today is indeed 1st July 2010! That means we are now officially into the month of the much awaited CHA! Keep checking back as we share with you our preperations to get 'this show on the road!'