Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Great Crafters PaperCut

Many thanks to those of you who may have already voted for us in the Great Crafters Paper Cut, for those of you that have not please just take a couple of minutes to follow this link & get voting for us!!! It's starting to get tight at the top, so as the newest company and only UK brand in the running every vote really does count!!!!!!!! (and if we do win, I am sure there will be alot of mini-celebrations on our website and blog in the coming weeks to thank all those who supported us!!! )

(Please note - the voting box is greyed out until you have created a user login for the site, which is FREE and requires only your e-mail & a password to be set - once registared check your inbox and confirm registration - you are then all set to vote!!!)

Missed our recent posts and wondering what we are talking about then look below
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!

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As you all know, we headed over to CHA in July to launch our fabulous new papers which shall be released in September. Whilst we were there, our papers caught the eye of 'When Creativity Knocks', who filmed a three minute segment of Claire presenting some of our papers. The competition is now on and they have entered us into their competition to find the best new paper at CHA Chicago!

We are very very excited about this and hope that you will support us by following this link to our video segment and voting for us

Voting closes on August 29th, so please make your vote count!!! (and I believe that there could be one winner selected from those who vote to win all the new papers from each company who were selected to enter the competition)

Please log on now and don't forget to tell all of your friends/family to vote for us....CREATIVE BOUTIQUE!!!!

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